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Why did members of a political crime cell lure me to the U.S. Armed Forces military base?

He intensively worked with one violinist -this violinist used cola contaminated certain psychotropic substances. he was with his young child. it was a real education that showed what is his real job.-. Both Yang-Hong Bae and the violinist played a primordial role a criminal attempt mounted at the U.S. Armed Forces military base -The NATO military headquarters is based in Mons, and the “Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) is near Mons, Belgium is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations (ACO), one of NATO's two strategic military commands. ACO is commanded by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and responsible for all Alliance operations, ranging from the Straits of Gibraltar to Afghanistan.”-.

Under President Moo-hyun Roh, Yang-Hong Bae was promoted to Brigadier General as of January 1, 2004 (confirmed on the internet). He called himself Lieutenant Colonel Yang-Hong Bae, and boasted that “even stars tremble in front of DSC officers.”

Lee Seung-Sun

"Yang-Hong Bae talked about his faith and even told me to give the bible that I was keeping as extra. Yang-Hong Bae is the core person even Gil-Sang Nho and Mr. Well Paid knew. Of course I gave Bae, an officer of DSC, the extra bible that I purchased through a church. At first he was very polite and well mannered. He maintained that attitude for a while. He explained about his foreign language skills, and boasted that he came abroad to study about such military intelligence operation methods etc. that are very important in the military academy, listing such words as intelligence operation, political operation, and dissolution operation. To put it again, it was an explanation about how capable he was. DSC officer Bae mobilized people around him and delivered the news that his promotion is getting delayed, and Bae himself showed the anxious attitudes, and even complained about the insufficient funds for studying abroad. I maintained a relationship like neighbors sharing Ra Myon or the fruits that I brought. After such times passed, DSC officer Bae suddenly changed his attitudes and called me “a North Korean” and prepared a conspiracy to package me as pro-Kim Il-Sung communist. After that incident, he’s colleagues used drug. What he did was the operation that he said he was learning." from "Only the location was changed from Brussels to Seoul: National Intelligence Service and Defense Security Command".

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